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Monday, August 21, 2006

welcomes gods own land

Here the gods are communicate with common peoples. Ezhimzla valley welcomes u to a natural& nutritious atmosphere,encouraging u to know &feel our traditions&culture.
Ezhimala is a row of mountains like sahya,1side sea&other kunhimangalam river
kunhimangalam is the most imporant place in those valley,rich in allthings like culture ,behaviour,.kandal forest.Kandal Village" in Kunhimangalam is an archetype to the Nation for fostering and nurturing Kandal Forest - a rare kind of plants growing in marshland - and is a flocking land of immigrant birds and beings alike. When the modern age is galloping its advancement by erecting high-rise edifices and esplanades by axing the trees and trampling the meadows, Kandal villagers are supplementing their subtle and sublime love and boon by preserving the boon by preserving the beauty of the landscape, emerging as an emerald in the map of India. With the excellence of hundreds of acre Kandal forest, Kunhimangalam village is, perhaps, the first of its kind in the country.
arts&folks in kunhimangalam
Theyyam is one of the most outstanding ancient dance form of North Kerala. There are so many Bagavathu Kavus and Thraravadu in kunhimangalam & Payyanur and nearby villages where Theyyam is performed . The word 'Theyyam' originated from 'Daivam' means nothing but God. The Theyyam or Kolam (a form or shape), represents a mythological, divine or heroic character. There are around 400 Theyyams in northern Kerala. The bizarre head dresses, costumes and body painting and trance like performances are very extraordinary.

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